My name is Schuyler Meyers.  I am an artist living in Maine.

Early December of 2011, I was having some issues with my gut and I was sent for a colonoscopy. I'm only 49 so this was a little unusual but not unprecedented.  While chatting with the intake nurse, she mentioned that there were usually three outcomes to this procedure.  They would find nothing and tell me to come back in ten years.   They would find a few polyps, snip them off, and tell me to come back in five years.  They would find a lot of polyps and tell me to come back in three years.

They told me to come back in a week.  Within a week I had had a cat scan, met with an oncologist, and a surgeon. I'll spare you the pictures of the colonoscopy,  but they were icky, I mean scary gross.  That said early reports are that if all goes well I should be OK within a year, albeit with a much shorter colon.

Now, I'm really quite lucky.  Even though I am without steady employment, I have friends that are allowing me to stay with them.  The state of Maine has a health insurance plan called MaineCare for the poor, even the poor like me.  Although, the governor has been making noises like he wants to shrink the coverage.  For now though, I'm covered.

How you can help...

There are expenses that are going to come up that are going to be difficult for me to cover. If you could donate a dollar or more and ask your friends to do the same I'd really appreciate it.

Or Buy a book
By A small collection...

If you'd like me to sign it find me and I'll do it or donate $120 which will cover the cost of the book and shipping to me then to you.

Soon I will be putting up signed prints for sale on this page. For now though feel free to download it and do whatever you want with it as long as you give me a cut of any money you make from it or link to this page if you put online.
Art to raise money for Schuyler Meyers
The Title of this piece is
"Colon Cancer is a Pain in the Butt"

One of the few good things to come out of this is I get to use that line.

Anyway, money if you can, good thoughts if you can't.
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